Search Engine Optimization Costs
We do not use search engine spaming techniques and adhere to
the guidelines specified by the major search engines concerning allowed seo practices.

A successful optimization 'job' requires that most pages from your
site be tuned individually and then submited manualy into the search engines.

The cost of having your site optimized professionally, compared
to a half page advertisement in a local newspaper or a pay-per-click program
is a lot cheaper and more effective in the long run.

The newspaper advertisement can cost anything from
$ 500 to $ 10.000 or higher and will have a 1 day exposition.

A pay-per-click program can cost you $ 25 to $60 per day and is efective only for the period of time you use it.
Using a good pay-per-click program for 1 month for example could cost you an avarage of $1500.

Our optimization services, once applied to your web site, will help your site for several years
bringing you a constant increase in traffic for a one time only payment.

If you haven't already - see our services offered section as the
services offered and needed for professianal optimization of a website are many.
Some of them will be repeated here below.

Estimating seo costs:
We do not estimate our seo service costs only on the
number of web pages nor on the number of hours spent on the job
of optimizing a website and our cost estimates are based on:

your web competition - other sites providing same services (important factor in keyword architecture)

keyword analysis - keyword configuration concerning their density, frequency, prominence, weight and many other factors which distribute keywords throughout the web pages both in the page body text, inside the html code and elsewhere.

site content text tuning - this does not mean we get you to change
all your text copy - but some additions, modifications will probably have to be made.

web page tuning - home pages (index.html) and several
other pages will need a lot of tuning in the code.

root files restructuring - the actual .html files, images and scripts that reside on the server.
Sounds easy - but is not. This might involve renaming some of the html file names hence restructuring all the internal page links to these.

seo testing and analysis - once all has been optimized the site is put through tests using special instruments (software programs specially written for this purpose) and on the basis of the results obtained further tuning and modification is applied.

search engine submission - the site will then be submited manually
onto the search engine at several intervals during a 2 week period.
This is an art in itself.

Based on all these tasks and many others here are some cost estimate examples but
you will receive a precise quote once you submit a quote request
for the whole project and we get a chance to look at your website and talk to you directly via phone.

1 to 5 page sites: $ 1800
6 to 10 page sites: $ 2200
11 to 30 page sites $ 2800
larger project after evaluation.

These estimates are for a one-target language optimization.

Payment structure is 50% down and 50% after 3 months - unless you get to use our guarantee - see below.

These are basic estimates and a lot depends on how much competition you have.

For example - if your site offers health insurance there will be much more work to be done tuning and
tweaking the keywords than if your site specializes in selling car insurance only to Ferrari car owners.

The 1 to 5 page site at $ 1800 works out at about $ 20 per day over a 3 month period and if your
website does not generate 3 times this much now - per day, what are you even doing on the Internet ?

Also note that you cannot train and pay a competent employee to perform these tasks with $20 per day.

If you do not want a fixed-fee rate, hourly rates may be applied:
Labor @  $170.00 per hour..
This is complex and often far exceeds the fixed-fee rates.

How can we guaranteed to get you a 300% to 1000% increasei in traffic ?
This is nothing extraordinary and we have optimized sites that went
from 500 monthly visitors to 20.000 which is a 2000% increase.
Any good optimization service worth their salt should be able to at least double your visitors.
We're pretty good at what we do so we feel absolutely confident in offering a traffic increase between
300% and 1000% - and if your site does get a 2000% increase - then the extra 1000% is for free.

We are so confident in our seo service that we offer you a money back guarantee.
Our payment structure is 50% down, then 50% 3 months after the site has been optimized
and submited onto the search engines.
If after 3 months you do not get at least a 300% increase in traffic - you get your
initial 50% downpayment returned - no questions asked.

If you'd like a price estimate please contact us at:

(we read and write in English, German, Italian and Czech)

Your business is our business...
...if it wasn't we wouldn't be in business.

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