SEO or Search Engine Optimization may sound complicated - and it is - but in a nutshell what it does is it get's web sites found on the internet in higher positions in the results than sites that have not been optimized.

You found this site didn't you ?
And you found it amongst thousands of other sites through your search right ?
Well... we got our site into the top positions using search engine optimization techniques.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization involves various aspects of web architecture but boiled down to what anyone can understand - SEO is using various techniques in optimizing a web site so that the search engines are able to classify it in their directories and the easier you make it for them - the higher you get.

How do Search Engines place your site in their listings ?

They do it in two ways:

1 - Search Engines send bots, spiders and crawlers to your website. These are analysis
programs which are sent on a regular basis through the web to get all the information available.
If a bot arrives at your website to find that it has not been optimized correctly it will either:
ignore the site completely or categorize you in the wrong section in the search engine directory
or place your site in position 50.000 on page nr. 5.000 of that category's search results.

2 - Search Engines receive manual site submissions -
ie. you go to a particular search engine and manually insert the website.
This in itself is no joke at all and if you've ever tried to insert a site into the
google directory (not the add url google page )- you'll know why.
Once done the search engine either sends it's bot to your site, or they
get a human being to look at your site. Sometimes they do both.
In both cases - if the site does not conform to both bot acceptance standards or human eyeball
acceptance standards the same will happen as above and your site will either be ignored or
categorized in the wrong section in the search engine directory or placed in position 50.000
on page nr. 5.000 of that category's search results.
Bad news if your site is on page 5.000 of a search engine result since 99.9% of the people who use search engines only look at the first 3 pages of the generated results.

What must be done to optimize a site correctly ?
Many many things.
Metaname description and keywords ?
Well - although most seo experts maintain that for example google ignores these completely - this is false, but if you only have metaname keywords or even a meta description then you won't get far on any search engine.
The structure of the pages must be set up according to various SEO principles, the body text of some pages must be analyzed time and time again using special web tools to sort out the kyword density, keyword prominance, keyword weight and proximity and many other gobbledegook factors.
Page file names (/myindex.html) must be named in a particular format, images must be named and optimized following certain criteria, links must be placed in special positions and a lot of messing around must be done under the hood - inside the html code.
Yeah.... that's why companies like us exist.
We do all this astronomical work for your site and you concentrate on your business.

Can I optimize my business website myself ?
Sure you can.
The best way to do this is to get versed in SEO technology and to study the ins and outs via SEO forums, newsletters, personal experimentation, back to the drawing board situations and then spend 3 years getting top results in positioning international websites on international search engines by trying and trying and trying.
After you've gone through all of this, you'll be able to set up your own SEO business and even forget about your actual existing site that you now want to have optimized.

If on the other hand you decide that this is probably something
people who specialize in seo should do for you - please get in touch with us.

Guaranteed top 3 positions in 1 milion results ?
Haw haw haw ... do yourself a favour ... don't believe everything you read.

Many search engine optimization services will tell you that they will guarantee you top listings in the search engines.
If you believe this then you deserve to be throwing away your hard earned money for smoke and mirrors.

We don't guarantee anything of the sort.

What we do guarantee is that if we optimize your website and insert it correctly
into the search engines - your traffic will increase by 300% to 1000% within three months.

If it doesn't - you get your money back. See costs estimates section

We're not cheap but get good LONG LASTING results.

Paying a one time fee for getting your website found by thousands more people for the next two to three years is cheap compared to pay per click programs, banner advertising and sponsor plans which last for short periods or for how long you pay.

Up to now - since the 8 years that we've been optimizing web sites - we have never had to give anyone their money back.

Contact us for an price quote.

Your business is our business...
...if it wasn't we wouldn't be in business.

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