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Web site architecture, keyword structuring and code tuning:

We find your web competition and analyze their web sites.
These are other sites providing same services as yourself and this is
an important factor in keyword architecture for your site.
We even reverse engineer competition sites to get more details for positioning your site.

Research and finalization of the keywords to be used in the optimization process:
This includes the identification of high-traffic keywords and
selection of case, singular-plural, and tense for each keyword phrase.

Directory and search engine categories:
Research and selection of appropriate search engine categories
for submission to each directory and search engine.

Keyword analysis:
Keyword configuration concerning their density, frequency, prominence, weight and many other factors which distribute keywords throughout the web pages both in the page body text, inside the html code and elsewhere.

Reviewing and revising existing Client pages to be optimized for the Search Engines:
This is a process that may involve many versions for each page.
This includes a detailed review and alteration of the title, description, keywords,
headings, comments, image alts, and link tags, and the text appearing in the body of the page.

Insertion of popularity linkage technology to improve search
engine bot, crawler and spider navigation and rankings.

This may involve adding visible text to various pages consistent with current design.

Site content text tuning and content review as appropriate:
This serves to analyze keyword density, frequency, and distribution throughout your content.
In some cases it may be appropriate to create additional site pages focused on specific content. In many cases it will be appropriate to revise content structure to comply with search engine and directory requirements.
This does not mean we get you to change your text copy - but some additions, modifications will be implemented.

Deep web page tuning:
Home pages (index.html) and several other pages will need a lot of tuning in the code.

Root files restructuring:
The actual .html files, images and scripts that reside on the server may need a different structure.
Sounds easy but is not. This might involve renaming some of the html file names hence restructuring all the internal page links to these.

Seo testing and analysis:
Once the site has been optimized it is put through tests using special instruments (software programs specially written for this purpose) and on the basis of the results obtained - further tuning and modifications are applied - and then tested again. And so on.

Search Engine Submission:
The site will then be submited manually onto the search engine at several intervals during a 2 week period.
After the keyword analysis, tuning, intergration and all that is involved in the optimization process, your web site will be submited to the the search engines and depending on if you decided to have your site targeted at one language or several, your site will be submited to some or all of the following.

World Wide Search Engines: Some of these have local country versions,
Google, AltaVista, AOL Web Search, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, AllTheWeb, HotBot, IWon, Lycos,
NetScape Search, DMOZ - Open Directory, Yahoo Directory, and Yahoo Index

UK specific Search Engines (includes most of the above)
Find, Mirago, Google.co.uk, Yahoo.co.uk etc

Italy specific Search Engines:
Virgilio, Arianna, Iltrovatore, Yahoo.it, Google.it etc.

Germany specific Search Engines:
Yahoo.de, Google.de, Altavista.de, Excite.de etc.

Czech Republic specific Search Engines::
Seznam, Atlas, Quick, Opendirectory.cz, Yahoo, Google.cz etc.

Client side support:
Client agrees to provide reasonable support when upgrading their
web site pages with our provided additions or changes.

This support includes, but is not limited to:

Constructing web pages containing code to aid in
search engine optimization as defined by ourselves

Uploading files in a prompt manner when provided by ourselves

Testing and approving changes provided by ourselves

Providing reasonable notification to ourselves, of any
changes to the Web Site Pages initiated by Client

Client is responsible for providing server space and directories
as defined by ourselves to hold pages associated with SEO efforts

Client is responsible for providing ourselves with FTP
access to the Client web site unless determined inappropriate by Client policy

Estimated time period for the complete optimization
process and search engine placement for a 5 to 10 page web site is about 3 weeks.

This estimate includes all the above described tasks (keyword research, site tuning, testing etc) and also a two week period in which the site submission onto the search engines is executed. We submit to some search engines one week, to others a week later.

Please check out our prices section for quotes and more details

Your business is our business...
...if it wasn't we wouldn't be in business.

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